Today, toll-free numbers are extensively used by many companies to accumulate new customers and to retain existing ones. A toll free number boosts your perceived level of professionalism and represents you to be a credible prospect to potential markets.

When prospects see a toll free number, they subconsciously feel a sense of comfort and a connection towards you. If yourindustry faces fierce competition, then a toll free number will leap you ahead of everybody else, ultimately by increasing response rates and sales profits.

QTCT provides China Telecom dependable, local and international toll free numbers that deliver your calls to any existing phone line, anywhere in the world. Each phone number comes with these business-friendly features:

  Voicemail-to-email    Fax-to-email     Ability to change the number at any time    Auto attendant

  Can use multiple lines simultaneously or sequentially

QTCT can activate your Toll Free Number within 5 days and give you the competitive advantage you are looking for in today’s competitive market.

For more information, please call us at +86.400-888-5088 or email at

Toll Free Number|400|800|China|Domestic

Domestic 800

The Domestic Toll Free Service is simplified as the "Domestic 800 Service". This service allows your domestic callers to contact you on your designated “800 service” number without them being charged for the call...

International 800 Service

Toll Free Number|400|800|China|International
QTCT’s International 800 Service is a premium corporate voice service which allows a toll free number subscriber in one country (or more) to receive long distance calls from customers and callers from another country...

400 number

Toll Free Number|400|800|China|Shanghai|Beijing

Our 400 number is an upgrade from our Domestic 800 service. Charges will depend on the ratio between the caller, and the receiving party...