Technology Support

QTCT offers a range of technical support services to ensure your equipment and systems operate smoothly and efficiently, giving you complete peace of mind. 

Our comprehensive service solutions addresses everything from emergency 24/7 support needs, to providing the latest software updates to ensure optimal performance from your audio/video conferencing equipment, and networks.

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs), knowledge base (terminology), and download links are provided to give you added information, accompanied by our customer support hotline for assistance.  

For more information, please call us at +86.400-888-5088 or email at

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Internet Solution

QTCT’s multinational network provides superior connectivity, resulting in extremely high satisfaction amongst our clients and their end-users. This is backed by guaranteed availability and round-the-clock service and support This is backed by guaranteed...

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Video Solution

Whether you require a room rental, equipment hire/purchase, or a specific project set-up, QTCT is committed to resolving your video conferencing needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. This is backed by guaranteed...

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Telephone Solution

QTCT provides China Telecom dependable, local and international toll free numbers that deliver your calls to any existing phone line, anywhere in the world. This is backed by guaranteed availability and round-the-clock service...

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IDC Solution

QTCT offers a wide range of flexible and cost effective hosting solutions to suit any business that helps optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO). Whether you require web site hosting, server co-location, infrastructure virtualization...