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Tanberg's suite of high-definition video conferencing systems provides our clients with an excellent user experience, not to mention true-to-life video/audio quality for rich interaction and team collaboration.

QTCT - Tandberg Reseller

QTCT is an authorized reseller of Tandberg products. We offer Tandberg's full line of video conferencing equipment including personal systems, integrator systems and both educational and executive systems.  Tandberg Reseller |China|Shanghai |Beijing | Guangzhou

As a trusted partner of Tandberg, this requires QTCT to comply with a comprehensive set of methodologies designed to ensure total customer satisfaction. QTCT's sales and technical staff install and support Tanberg projects across the country, and now, also around the world. We provide our clients with one single point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Tandberg product line.

Tandberg Products Overview

Tandberg EX Series
Tandberg QuickSet C20
 Tandberg Edge Series
 Tandberg Profile Series
 Tandberg EX Series  Tandberg QuickSet C20  Tandberg Edge Series  Tandberg Profile Series
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