International Bridge

Our flexible international conference call package is set out clearly, so there are no hidden costs to our clients. Our reduced monthly, and bridge access fees are stated below, with a third optional fee for customers wishing to dial out. 

1.  Monthly Fee: RMB 20/month 

2.  Monthly Bridge Access Fee: RMB 0.50/min/site 

3.  Monthly Communication Fee: (Optional Dial Out Only)        
Local Call: 0.22 for first 3 minutes, then 0.11/min afterwards;       
     Domestic Long Distance Call: 0.30/min        
     International Long Distance Call:
     -USA and Canada: 2.40/min
     -UK, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand: 3.60/min
     -Other countries: 4.60/min
     -Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan: 1.50/min

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