Many of today’s business processes are increasingly depending on the internet, resulting in an increase in demand for web hosting solutions including data protection along with backup and recovery services. QTCT’s Internet Data Centre (IDC) service offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, quick scalability, efficient management, and an optimized utilization of resources to satisfy those demands. 

QTCT’s IDC services are suitable for many businesses and industries i.e. large and medium-sized corporations, ISPs, ICPs, e-commerce providers, application software providers, system integrators, multimedia service providers, website design and web hosting service providers. Our co-location environment ensures high reliability and security to all of our clients. This includes a large premises, telecommunication rooms and facilities, high-speed and reliable internal and external environment and systemized monitoring and support means, etc.

QTCT’s Internet Data Centers have round-the-clock management systems combined with  onsite trained professionals. The result is a secure and highly efficient environment, giving users the reliability and flexibility needed to support their mission-critical systems and operational requirements. Our range of cost effective hosting solutions help businesses optimize their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Features and Strengths:

  • High speed broadband access

  • Unlimited expansion space

  • High reliability

  • Complete safety mechanism

  • Rich management services

  • Guaranteed by Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Whether you require web site hosting, server co-location, infrastructure virtualization or managed services, the team at QTCT can provide the best solution for you. Simply contact us and explain your specific requirements and we will then organize and prepare an appropriate section in our co-location environment tailored to your needs.

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