Corporate Social Responsibility

The service that QTCT provides directly affects the lives of our partners and clients as well as our consultants and staff. As a market leader in business telecom solutions, we must widen our perspective and think about how our ethical, social and environmental responsibilities fit alongside our corporate values of reliability, innovation, customer service, and business excellence.

Our success depends on many factors i.e. how we treat our employees and the people around us, how we choose to get involved in the wider community, and how effective our environmental policies are.

For businesses to succeed in the global market, efficient and reliable communication is imperative. Many companies spend millions of dollars every year on travel expenses to have ‘face to face’ meetings with business counterparts across the globe. But, travel happens to significantly contribute to the carbon emission problem. This links directly to global warming explaining the noticeable change in climate we are experiencing. Today many companies, including QTCT, are incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their business by going ‘green’, and reducing their carbon footprints.

With our help, you will be able to meet clients and colleagues in real-time without any travel, making it an efficient, effective and environmentally conscious way to communicate. Typically, the cost of video conferencing is much less than most company’s traveling expenses. Therefore, by employing our services, you are not only reducing the carbon footprint of your business, but also saving precious time and money.

QTCT strives to make a significant environmental change through the benefits that our technology and services have to offer. 



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