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Mirial is one of the world's premier providers of cutting-edge products for visual communication over convergent networks, and a true pioneer in software-only desktop videoconferencing since 1999.

QTCT - Mirial Reseller

QTCT is an authorized reseller of Mirial products including Mirial Softphone and ClearSea Series.  Mirial Desktop

As the first partner of Mirial in China, we are very confidence to give all our customers this best solution of HD desktop video conferencing solutions in terms of QTCT years of video conference experience.

Mirial Softphone Download (30 days free trial)

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Mirial Products Overview

  Mirial Softphone 7.0 
 ClearSea 1.0
Products Features
 Standalone Client
 Client Server Solution
 Per Seat Licensing
 Per Account Licensing
 Per Port Licensing
 Small   √  
 Small/medium/large enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare     √
 Service providers, carriers    
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