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LifeSize is the first company to develop and deliver high definition video communications products. Founded in 2003 by industry veterans, LifeSize’s award-winning solutions combine exceptional quality, user simplicity and administrator manageability to make video communications a productive, true-to-life experience.

 LifeSize Reseller|Express | China| Shanghai|Beijing|Guangzhou QTCT - LifeSize Reseller

QTCT is a knowledgable LifeSize Reseller in China of all LifeSize products, which are the highest quality video conferencing solutions available on the market today. As a trusted partner of Lifesize, this requires QTCT to comply with a comprehensive set of methodologies designed to ensure total customer satisfaction.

QTCT's sales and technical human resources install and support Lifesize projects across the country in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, etc, and now, also around the world. Therefore, we can assure you that your staff will be proficient in using these products and that your infrastructure will be up and running quickly.

LifeSize Products Overview

 LifeSize LGExecutive
 LifeSize Passport
 LifeSize Express Series
 LifeSize Room Series
 LifeSize LGExecutive  LifeSize Passport  LifeSize Express  LifeSize Room
 Desktop  Desktop & Small Room
 Small Room & Medium Room
 Large Room
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