ChanceToneTM technology offered by QTCT can help your organization bridge multiple locations utilizing traditional ISDN, and IP networks, or a hybrid of both. You can benefit from face-to-face meetings in real time, without the need to travel, while optimizing time and money.

For example, video conferencing eliminates any related travel expenses associated with business expeditions i.e airline tickets, hotel accommodation, food, taxis etc. The time and money saved can be re-invested in other pursuits such as increased sales, marketing and advertising, which of course will be more value-added to your company.

What makes us different, is that we offer our clients a personalized consultative approach, so our objective is to find the options that will work best for you. Whether you require a room rental, equipment hire/purchase, or a specific project set-up (listed below), QTCT is committed to resolving your video conferencing needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.  
Live Surgery|Video Conference Room Rental|China|

Live Surgery

Telemedicine is the use of medical information that is exchanged from one treatment site to another via electronic communications such as video conferencing. This technology has now become an integral component of health sectors including dermatology, cardiology, wound care, neurology, drug screening, diabetic training, and psychiatry...
Life Show|Video Conference Room Rental|China|

Live Show

QTCT is committed to research and develop IP-based video conference management and application solutions. By utilizing the patent video processing technology of the top manufacturers in the world...
Events | Video Conference Room Rental|China|


When it comes to large-scale event planning, QTCT eliminates the aggravation that often accompanies this tiresome procedure. As part of our turnkey project management approach, we begin each engagement with an evaluation of your objectives and target audiences...
Distance Learning|Video Conference Room Rental|China

Distance learning

Today, video conferencing is increasingly a standard part of your educational tool set. Distance Learning offers millions of people the opportunity to advance their education without the time and constraints of physically being on a campus...

Remote Recruitment | Video Conference Room Rental|China|

Remote Recruitment

Video conferencing is an ideal technology for interviewing candidates, as it offers tremendous benefits to recruitment specialist in terms of flexibility and opportunity. Companies engaging in remote recruitment often want to review candidates fairly quickly before committing to costly and irreversible decisions.
Judicial/Legal | Video Conference Room Rental|China|


Courts and correctional institutions use video conferencing to communicate with detainees, eliminate transportation costs, while ultimately addressing public safety concerns. QTCT’s technology allows you to conduct depositions, meetings, witness interviews, and other case related services around the world without leaving the city.