QTCT is a trusted provider and installer of leading IP based video surveillance products, access control systems and all types of IP networking technologies designed to meet your small, mid sized or corporate business needs. 

Today, many industries have adopted this technology i.e public utilities, banks, police stations, educational and business sectors etc. IP surveillance is the next step forward for monitoring systems, as this offers real-time delivery of video and still images from a location via the internet.

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Video Conference Room Reantal| China

Video Conference Room Rental

QTCT offers a state-of-the-art suite of videoconferencing rooms throughout the majority of China, and now through the help of our partners, the rest of the world. With more than 50 rooms in 32 Chinese provinces/regions, these are available to rent by the hour, with the simplicity of a turnkey solution...

Video Conference Equipment Rental | China

Video Conference Equipment Rental

Video conference equipment rental is a service which we take customers’ practical usage into account and incorporate QTCT’s own advantages. The products cover the flagship products of leading manufacturers such as Lifesize, Polycom , Tandberg and so on, which can provide customized solutions for different customers...

Multi-point Bridge Service | China

Multi-point Bridge Service

In video conference equipment purchasing, the price of MCU (multi-point control unit) is usually quite high. QTCT provides multi-point conference bridge rental aims to satisfy customers’ requirements for multi-point video conference at an affordable cost...